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3 Circles Evangelism Method


3 Circles Evangelism Method 

3 Circles is designed to help Christians share their faith by incorporating a tool called 3 circles evangelism. This tool provides a method of turning everyday conversations about brokenness into everyday conversations about Christ. The goal of "3 Circles" is to equip Christians to share their faith with non-Christians.

Overview Of 3 Circles

This tool helps Christians to share the gospel using three simple circles. These represent
(1) God's Design
(2) Brokenness
(3) The Gospel

They also illustrate how accepting and submitting to Jesus will grow faith and lead to God's perfect design.

"3 Circles" is something that people easily understand. All you need to have is a pen and paper, or napkin, or hand! The method provides quick answers to common questions of faith:
- What was God's design?
- How did we depart from God's design through sin?
- Can anyone escape brokennessand what does brokenness feel like?

Additional 3 Circles Resources:
The Life On Mission Phone App
Don't have a pen or paper? The Life on Mission Phone App provides an effective way to share the gospel with someone using simple tools, like 3 Circles or Best News, to make the most out of every opportunity. Share your faith on the go! Download the Life on Mission app Available in English & Spanish

3 Circles Trainer And Trainee Manuals
Grow and help others in your/their confidence in sharing the gospel. Click the links below for the free Trainer and Trainee Manuals on the 3 Circles evangelism method.

3 Circles Trainer Manual
3 Circles Trainee Manual

 3 Circles 7