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Weekly Worship Resources/Safety Information



Below are weekly resources to help you prepare for Sunday morning worship, to worship together with your family at home, and to study along with your Small Group.


COVID-19 Safety Info/What To Expect If You Join Us In Person 

Join us this Sunday as we gather for worship! A few important Safety Procedures that we want to note:

(1) We will be taking all safety measures possible so that you will be in a sanitized, safe, and relaxing environment where you can joyfully worship the Lord with us. Hand sanitizer will be available in the lobby and worship center.

We ask that everyone:

  • Bring and wear your own face masks while on church property (If you have not received the COVID-19 Vaccine shots).
  • If you have symptoms or knowingly have been exposed to someone who has recently had symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please be cautious and use good discernment to stay at home until you are better and are out of the 10 day quarantine period.

(2) We WILL be having Kids Ministry for babies through Kindergarten. You as the parent/guardian can make the decision whether your child, between the ages of a baby to Kindergarten, will need childcare, and/or, if you would like to take them into service with you. Every worker who is in Kids Ministry will have face masks on and will be very cautious to sanitize and practice social distancing with your child. Like everything else, please use your own discernment and convictions regarding childcare. Click the link below under "Kids Ministry Resources" to access free weekly Bible Study Material for your kids/family!

Worship Service Guide

We want to emphasize that each person and family should follow their own convictions in terms of meeting publicly. If you do not feel like you should come on Sunday, if you are at risk due to your health, or if you are feeling sick and have symptoms, you can join us for worship online by clicking here, or by visiting our Facebook page, or YouTube channel at 11:00am! 

This weekly worship service guide below has sermon notes and song information for this Sunday's service so that you can engage and follow along with us.

Click Here For Sermon Notes/Song Lyrics For 1/30/2022


Kids Ministry Resources

Click the links below to access Kids Sermon Notes that help your kids follow along with the service on Sunday, and weekly At Home Bible Studies that you and your kids can do together. The At Home Bible Study includes the Gospel Project Lesson Video, Leader Guide, Activity Pages, Weekly Picture, Big Question, and Story Points, to help you lead a Bible Study with your family.

Click Here For Kids Sermon Notes

Click Here For Weekly At Home Bible Study Material For Kids


Growth Group Resources

Click the links below to download the PDF or WORD Document form of our weekly Gospel Of John Bible Study. This Bible Study template leads you to study our weekly sermon passage with us and helps you interpret the passage in its original context.

Gospel Of John Bible Study Template - PDF

Gospel Of John Bible Study Template - WORD