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Battleground Students


Welcome to Battleground Students! We’re excited that you’re here! At Battleground Students we love the Gospel and we joyfully embrace the call of Jesus to make disciples. Our students are led by a team that seeks to make disciples by faithfully sharing the Gospel and intentionally showing the love of Christ. We do this primarily through weekly Study nights, spending time together as a group, and serving our local church and community together. Ultimately, our desire in everything we do is for students to come to know the Gospel, grow in the Gospel, and go with the Gospel. 

At Battleground Community, we believe parents are the primary disciple makers of their students. As parents, God has entrusted you with the responsibility of stewarding and discipling your students, therefore, we endeavor to help you raise students who love Jesus, by encouraging, equipping, and assisting you toward that end. 


How We Grow

Weekly Study Nights

Battleground Students meet on campus, on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm for Study Nights. This Study Night is churchwide and is opened to all ages, but is specifically broken up into various small groups (student with student) so that each small group has a better disciple-making situation and so that they can study and read the Bible together and learn how to interpret the Bible as it is meant to be understood in a more relational way.

Church doors open at 5:45pm to give everyone time to hang out with our church family.


How We Serve

Our Local Church

With the same vision as we have for adults, Battleground Community is passionate about seeing students serving inside the local Body of Christ. On Sunday Morning's our students have the opportunity to plug into Battleground Community Kids, the Battleground Worship Team, or any other area of service. Our students help with check-in, kids worship, and much more. If you are interested in serving in our church community, please click here.

Our Community

Besides serving in our local church, we are also passionate about serving in our local community and sharing the love of Christ to those around us. Battleground Students normally aims to serve one time a month in Kings Mountain or our surrounding areas. Our end goal is to always build relationships and be the hands and feet of Jesus, so that opportunites can open up to share the gospel.

Mission Trips

Battleground Community Church is passionate about making the gospel known to those whom have never heard the goodness of Jesus. And we believe it is a mandate from our Savior to go to the ends of the world to make this good news known. Battleground Community aims to plan one mission trip a year that allows all of our students to go together, to both, display Jesus with their actions and words in places that need the gospel. To learn more about BCC' Mission Strategy, click here.


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