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Pray And Go

Pray And Go


At BCC, we are passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing people who are in the darkness of this world come into the light of Jesus. We believe prayer is one of the most important gifts that we have been given by our heavenly Father, and we believe it is a crucial expression for the sake of communities growing in the gospel.

Prayer is an outward expression of faith from the heart, pleading for our God to do work that only He can do in the hearts of people and communities. Accordingly, Pray And Go is a ministry designed to encourage a prayer-centered culture at BCC that leads to outward focus and local community impact.


Below are videos that introduce you to what Pray And Go looks like and how it is used to impact our local community.  


Pray And Go Introduction Video From Pastor Stephen

Pray And Go Video 1

Pray And Go Video 2