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Growth Group Leaders

Growth Group Leaders



Growth Group Leaders, this page is a step-by-step guide on how to edit, update, and to maintain information and details for your growth group, for your members and potential visitors who are interested in learning more about your group and understanding of upcoming events and times of your meetings. Keeping this information up to date and regularly maintaining good clear details is of utmost importance for good communication and connecting with your members and potential visitors. 


How to manage your Growth Group through Planning Center Groups


Log In and Editing Information

  1. Click here to go to site.
  2. Login on top right of the screen. 
  3. Enter your cell phone number.
  4. Enter the 6 digit login code that is provided through a text message.
  5. When on home page of Planning Center Groups, select Growth Groups, and then your group.
  6. After entering your group, you are able to edit or add "Upcoming Events," or add, edit, or email everyone in your group. 


How to Add a New Event

  1. Scroll down on your group page and select "Add a New Event."
  2. Enter an event name, date, and start and end time. (If it is a weekly event that will be repeated, go to "Repeat," drop down bar, and select the desired repeated action. After this, select the "Repeat Until (Required)" tab and select the desired ending date).


How to Add a Description and Location

  1. Scroll down to type desired information.
  2. To add a new location, select the "Location" drop down bar, and select "Create a New Location."
  3. Enter the location name and address information.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and select "Save Location." 
  5. After saving this location, it will be saved for future use. 

Make sure after creating or editing an event to scroll up to the top and select "Save Changes!"