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Wednesday Night EQUIP


Join us on Wednesday, January 8th, at 6:30pm, as we continue to dive into the Bible and grow in our knowledge and study of the Word of God. We are excited to announce that we are offering two different classes that are focused on helping you grow in how to study the Bible correctly and on helping you to grow in deeper fellowship and knowledge of who God is. Check out these new classes below, that are available for everyone:


Hermeneutics EQUIP: Studying Through The Book Of Acts

The first class, that is opened to everyone in the church, is a year long hermeneutical study through the book of Acts, which will be led by Pastor Micah.

We believe it is crucial that you understand how to study the Bible correctly for yourself, and to grasp what the original author meant for you to see in Scripture. With this said, what is better than helping you learn this very important skill than to study alongside of you through an entire book of the Bible? On Wednesday Nights, at 6:30pm, join us as we meet in the Kids worship area at BCC, for an EQUIP time where you will have hands on training and study on how to read and study through the book of Acts for yourself. For more information or to signup for this Hermeneutic EQUIP through the book of Acts, please contact Pastor Micah at


Click here to download the Acts Study Guide Template PDF

Click here to download the Acts Study Guide WORD document

Click here to download the full Acts Hermeneutic year schedule.


Bible Doctrine – Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith

The second class, that has limited space for those who are interested, is a year long study through the doctrines and truths of our faith, which will be led by Pastor Stephen.

We believe that as followers of Jesus Christ, God calls us to long for spiritual milk that will grow us up into a more full understanding of who God is and our salvation. Simply put, the more you know about God, the more you will grow in your love relationship and worship of Him. This class, which meets on Wednesday Nights, at 6:30pm, in the K-2nd Kids classroom, is for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the doctrines and truths that are revealed in Scripture. Whether you are new to the faith or have been in church most of your life, you can grow in your knowledge of the Word of God by being a part of this class. Each person will individually read from Wayne Grudem’s book entitled Bible DoctrineAgain, this class has a limited amount of space, so if you are interested in joining the Doctrine class or would like more information, please contact Pastor Stephen at today.


Click here to download the full Bible Doctrine year schedule.